Women's District of Columbia Golf Assocation

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    1965 MD State Amateur Final Round

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Women’s District of Columbia Golf Association

Our mission is to support and promote the best interests of amateur women golfers by organizing and conducting competitive golfing opportunities for our members. Through an active schedule of team matches, individual and team tournaments, championships and a junior golfing program, the WDCGA fosters the highest level of golfing competence, sportsmanship and camaraderie among its members, while supporting the great game of golf in the Washington D.C. area.

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Upcoming Events

4/30 - 5/1/2014

Keefer Cup


Chevy Chase


Houlahan Cup

9:00 SG

Mt. Vernon


  • Thanks to our Retiring Cup Sponsors!
    Despite winter's best attempts to overstay its welcome, spring is just around the next snowy corner, and with it comes the start of this year's golf season. As we gear up to enjoy our usual compliment of tournaments this summer, WDCGA members will notice that we will play four fewer Cup events. This winter the Executive Board approved reducing the number of Cup tournaments from four per Class to three. We will no longer play Cups in September, which, while freeing up our schedule, leaves us saying goodbye to four very generous and dedicated sponsors.

    Please join the officers and Executive Board in extending our very warmest thanks to former WDCGA President Rose Marie Vargo, sponsor of the Class A Evening Star Cup. Rose Marie has sponsored this Cup since 2000. In retiring the Evening Star Cup we will be retiring one of the most beautiful, valuable and historic trophies owned by the WDCGA. Thanks are in order as well to the Stohlman family, who began sponsoring the Class B Stohlman Cup in 1988. Along with our thanks to Corene and Nick Turner, sponsors of the Corene Turner Cup since 2006, come our farewell best wishes to Corene -- a long-time, active member of the WDCGA from Westwood Country Club who is moving south this spring. And last, but certainly not least, we thank Mr. and Mrs. John Johns who have sponsored the Class D Brooke Johns Cup since 1980, providing a wonderfully long and generous contribution to the WDCGA.

    Our many sponsors support our love of the game, and enliven our tournaments with unique histories, personalities and meaning. We can't thank Rose Marie Vargo, the Stohlman Family, the Turners and the Johns enough -- they will be remembered in our Archives, our History Book and in our individual memories of great golf in their names.
  • USGA NEWS FLASH: The USGA has approved the use of distance-measuring devices (DMDs) in all USGA amateur championships and their respective qualifying events, beginning in 2014.
  • Handicap Information for Winter Play. For those WDCGA members lucky enough to play in warmer climes during the winter, please do the following to ensure your handicap index is accurate and current when you return to WDCGA competition in 2014:

    For those in the GHIN system here and away, just ensure you use your same GHIN number to post all your scores [especially tournament scores]. Post either remotely via the Internet to your home club here or in person at your away club. Please let your club pro here know so the GHIN System will be notified that you are posting at multiple clubs and GHIN will ensure that all your scores are reflected in handicap index calculations at each of your clubs.

    For those of you in GolfNet here, you have 2 options. The 1st is to to post all your scores [especially tournament scores] while away remotely via the Internet to your home club here. The 2nd is to have the pro at your away club/course print a report [pdf format is available] of your last 20 posted scores just before you return, and give this to your pro shop here for entry into their GolfNet database. If you have any questions/concerns please contact the WDCGA Handicap Chair, Lisa M. at (703) 307-6000.